Global Trade Union is an alternative asset management hedge fund that uses global macro strategies. For 5 years, we have been helping millions of investors achieve their goals regardless of changing market conditions.

Risk management and capital preservation are the company's key priorities. We manage both portfolio and market risks using sophisticated proprietary systems.

Our Approach
Global Trade Union invests in various asset classes around the world through a bottom-up fundamental research and analysis process with a focus on capital preservation. Our investment strategies include credit investments, long/short equity, merger arbitrage, risk arbitrage, real estate investment, and private equity investment. Investment ideas compete for capital based on careful evaluation of specific risks and rewards. Risk is monitored and managed through rigorous analysis of each asset and, and portfolios are controlled through risk management analytics and overlap and tail risk hedging.
Mission and Values
Global Trade Union's mission is to provide extraordinary investment opportunities to its clients. We adhere to the highest professional standards, put our clients' interests first, and treat everyone with respect and courtesy.